© Andrew Moon
Unlike last year it was dull, dull, dull with a cool breeze. But at least it was not raining for the five of us as we walked from the causeway down the canal side. Unsurprisingly birds generally were conspicuous by their absence. Again without some really cold weather further north bird numbers on the lake tend to remain low. But that does not explain the lack of birds among the trees. Of course they are not calling yet and the light was poor, which makes spotting and identifying them harder.

Unfortunately, owing to unforeseen circumstances, the Butterfly and Dragonfly Walk was cancelled. This was because we couldn’t find someone to lead it. We really do rely on our volunteers to get anything done!  Apologies to all those members who would have liked to have participated in the walk. And if you might be up for leading this or another walk in 2019 please contact our events organiser This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who would be delighted to hear from you.

Linda Ascroft

On a very hot Sunday, while England were playing Panama in the World Cup and a Bug Hunt was in progress in the Aquadrome, eight people enjoyed the Wildflower walk.  Janet Ryall stepped in at the last minute as our leader and we cannot thank her enough for sharing her wealth of knowledge.   Sue Sanderson, who usually leads our Walks, had kindly walked me through the route ahead of Sunday and together we found at least 80 wildflowers and some grasses.
Ten of us this year gathered on the causeway at half past eight for a walk round the lake. The weather was sunny, warm and calm, about as different from last year as you can get. However, it seems that the recent cold weather had slowed the migration of the incoming birds. Nevertheless we saw most of the expected birds. There were a few Swallows, (but no house martins or swifts) over Stockers Farm flood meadow along with Egyptian Geese.
Rather different this year. Spring had not really sprung yet and we had brought Heron Watch forward a week or two. Consequently, there were no nesting Little Egrets although we did see three at one point, at least one of which was looking interested in the trees and nest sites. There were a good number of Grey Herons on nests and it is possible that some were sitting on eggs but there were no signs of youngsters.

Unlike last year we had bright sunshine even if it was a bit windy and on the cool side of comfortable. So it was a pleasant morning walk for the 5 of us. Surprisingly given that it had rained all day the day before birds generally were conspicuous by their absence Again without some really cold weather up north bird numbers on the lake remain low. But it does not explain the lack of birds among the trees.